This happened a few months ago but a man named Kevin Strahle attempted to drink a gallon of Tabasco sauce in one sitting. Strahle is also known by his YouTube persona, the L.A. Beast. He is a competitive eater and makes a living off his YouTube channel. You might be surprised to learn this but people like Strahle and others make a decent amount of money by filming various eating challenges.

Strahle has filmed himself eating things like a cactus, the hottest peppers in the world, boiled Coca-Cola, five pounds of gummy bears that cause diarrhea, and much more. It’s fascinating watching his various feats of eating strength. While I was watching these videos, I was also cognizant about how much money he was making. YouTube doesn’t release figures but I’m ballparking that Strahle probably pulled in at least six figures in the last twelve months.

Anyways, enough about money, let’s get back to drinking a gallon of Tabasco sauce. I won’t spoil the ending except to warn you that if you watch the video, it gets a bit messy at the end… ok, a lot messy. You have been warned.

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