I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted last night. It was hot and it was more difficult to sleep than normal. In the early morning, a constant breeze materialized, which made things better.

The start of the day was hot. It was hot all the way to work. A coworker of mine was all sweaty in the elevator ride up to the studio. Once we got inside, we were greeted by the sweet comfort of air-conditioning. I cooled down quite quickly but it didn’t make me want to leave the studio at all. For lunch, a few of us darted across the street to restaurant. Normally, on a sunny lunch hour, the patio would be packed with people. Today, it was devoid of eaters, not a soul wanting to brave the hot temperatures.

After eating, we ducked back into the studio. I usually take a walk in the afternoon but I decided to stay within the sheltered coolness of air-conditioning. I was lucky to ride home in an air-conditioned train car. Perhaps it will be cooler tomorrow.

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