Tomorrow was supposed to the studio-wide summer BBQ at work. The whole studio was supposed to go to Stanley Park with family and guests for a wicked awesome summer time and sunny BBQ complete with a whole, giant roast pig. They even arranged for transportation in the form of a bus to take us from Yaletown to Stanley Park. Unfortunately, the weather calls for upwards to 20mm of rain tomorrow. In light of this, the BBQ was called off and delayed pretty much at the last minute before the end of the business day.

It’s rather unfortunate as lots of people had been looking forward to the social event but I guess there wasn’t a lot of covered areas in the chosen spot and the organizers were afraid people would just get wet and be miserable. It was the right call to make. We did find out, however, the event has been re-scheduled for the end of August. There’s no guarantee it won’t be rainy then as well but let’s hope for the best.

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