Soldiers running...

Just under a year ago, as part of the “summer of me”, I stood on the top floor of a parkade for about two hours into the wee hours of a Monday morning. For those two hours, I watched the people making the movie Godzilla, film a scene in my neighbourhood. They had transformed a street into a disaster area. In those many hours, I saw the actors, who were soldiers in this scene, run together, take a knee, and then run up a street. I detailed my evening in this post.

I had no idea if this footage would even make into the movie. I had no idea if one of the principal actors, Aaron Taylor Johnson, was even part of the scene. Well, it took about a year, but I found out my answer this evening. I went and saw Godzilla this evening. I would have seen it anyways had it not been filmed near my home but I definitely was looking for my hometown.

It turns out they did keep the footage from the night I was watching them film. They condensed the hours of running up the street into a sequence that lasted less than ten seconds. It was a quick shot of them taking a knee and then were running up the street for about three seconds. I managed to see the overturned bus and the Starbucks.

It took a year to get closure on that post but I got it. The satisfaction is small but tangible.

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