Several weeks ago, a good friend of mine and I decided we should make use of some coupons and eat fried chicken together. We settled on eating some of Church’s Chicken, which has for the last year or so, become my primary choice of fried chicken, replacing KFC.

We’ve already picked out the coupon we want to use. We’ll be getting 12 pieces of chicken for $20. That’s a fairly good deal in my books. For those who are good at math, you might have deduced that will leave six pieces of fried chicken per person. That might be a lot of chicken to eat in one sitting. There is a precedent however. Several years ago, the same friend and I split a 15 piece bucket from KFC. I ate seven pieces and he cleaned up with eight. We both felt terrible afterwards and it remains one of the most interesting things we’ve done as friends. So, six pieces should be no problem right?

Wiser people would just have a more reasonable meal but I don’t think my friend and I are those type of people.

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