When I started my current job they wanted to give me a desk in the middle of the studio. Normally, I don’t complain and just sit where I’m told to but a guy on my team said I could sit at any empty desk next to the window. I jumped at the chance because who doesn’t want a window seat? I also had tons of room around me. A great view by the window and lots of room for activities? This was probably the best spot I’ve worked in.

Today I found out our team is going to grow by four new people, three QA testers and a programmer. Suddenly there were two desks shoved up close to mine, with one desk placed such that the person sitting there would be looking directly at me all day. No one wants to be stared at all day while they work so I politely suggested a new configuration and moved the desk by 90 degrees. Now we’re facing the same direction and one of my TVs functions as a bit of a privacy screen. Now the only issue is I’m surrounded by a bunch of people whereas before it was just me and wide open spaces.

I guess I shouldn’t complain since I still have my window to look out of and a great view. Oh, one little thing just between you and me… I’ve been told the new programmer farts a lot. I bet he gets the desk right next to me.

2 thoughts on “WORK ROOM”

  1. You can secretly put a charcoal lined filter on his seat before he arrives.

  2. We know this guy quite well so we might even suggest he slip a charcoal liner into his pants.

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