The last time I worked for United Front Games, I didn’t make it past two and a half months of employment as Activision cancelled the game they were bankrolling. This left the company with no other alternative but to lay off a whole bunch of people. It was an unfortunate development but I understood the reality of the situation. This is my second tour of duty with UFG and I was determined to break through the 2.5 month barrier.

By my calculations, I have now exceeded my previous best. It’s been about 2.5 months since I started working at UFG. Given that my first stint included a long Christmas break, I’m well past the old mark now. It’s not often you can genuinely celebrate staying with a job longer than 2.5 months but in my case, I shall take this small victory.

My next goal is to stick with this until the end of my contract, which happens to be in October!

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