So last Thursday, I returned home to find an envelope shoved into my door frame. I knew this had to be correspondence from strata as all my usual mail gets put in my mailbox. In my experience, getting a letter from strata is usually a bad thing and can only involve inconvenience. As I opened the letter and read it, I discovered I was right.

In my building, our above ground, resident parking is divided into reserved and non-reserved spots. I’m not sure why that is. The first two levels are a free for all for the plebes in this building , while the top two are reserved spots only. Anyways, I have a reserved spot on topmost level, P8. There is definitely an advantage to having a reserved spot. I always know where my spot and it’s guaranteed to be available to me. Also, on my level, every car knows where they are going to, so you don’t encounter random cars looking for a spot.

Anyways, the letter informed me that they need to temporarily take my parking spot away from me. My spot is near a huge overhanging canopy that shields the Skytrain tracks and the mall level below from the elements. They need to repair the canopy and that involves welding which they believe is not good for my car. I’m not the only one as I understand three others are in my predicament. To solve the problem, four spots on P5 have been temporarily marked as reserved for us. We’re free to park in any one of these reserved spots until the repairs are done. Unfortunately, no one can tells us when that might be.

I went and looked at the spots last night. Three of them have some undesirable aspects to them as varying degrees. Two of the spots are right at the end of the parkade, which means that when you back out, it’s a bit tricky to get your car pointed in the right direction. One of the spots has a huge piece of machinery at the end of the spot, which means you can’t pull all the way in, so the ass of your car is sticking out. The last spot is ok, it’s not huge but doesn’t suffer from any of the geometry problems I mentioned. Of course, I moved my car into that spot tonight before anyone else could take it. The letter says we’re to start parking there on the 5th of May but I didn’t wait. The signs were up already so I took the opportunity.

Since this spot is closer to the ground level, it’s actually more convenient to park my car. I don’t have to navigate that dangerous spiral that I usually need to. We’ll see how long this stays in place.

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