Up until this week, I had always eat bowls of hearty and delicious pho indoors. I’ve had pho inside restaurants and I’ve had pho in my own home but I’ve never had pho in the open air, with sunny skies above me. That changed this week with the nice weather outside.

There’s a pho joint a short distance from my work. Like many pho joints, they used much of the decor that was already at the location when they first set up shop. I’ve been to a pho place that was very clearly a former Italian restaurant. This place in two previous incarnations were burger joints. These establishments had a generous patio area with tables and seating. The pho place just left the patio as is.

So a co-worker and I sat outside on the patio and ordered some delicious pho. With a cool breeze wafting the aromas of our broth along the sidewalk, we ate our lunch. On that sunny day, people walked by us on the sidewalk, we watching them, they watching us eat our noodles. It was a nice way to spend our lunch time. If you get a chance, try eating a bowl of pho outside next time.

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