As many of you know, E3 is less than two weeks away. The game I’m working on will be at E3 and this was something the team has known for a while. We originally thought the exposure to our game would be tightly controlled, very scripted on-stage portions, mostly videos, and just some backstage hands-on (if that even). Today we were told that our game might be demo’d live and on-stage, at one of the main press conferences. These events are packed with press and are watched live by millions through streaming and TV. Millions more will watch later in the day. These press conferences can sometimes set the expectations of games for months in the future.

I’ve never had any of my games presented at one of these huge E3 pressers, let alone demonstrated live on-stage. Some of my team are kinda worried but I’m sorta excited. Sure, things could go horribly wrong and the game could be mocked for months before release but the risk makes life interesting. The next few days will determine exactly how our game will be revealed.

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