I woke up to some discomfort this morning and my condition was difficult to explain. It was like my eyes hurt but not really. Like I knew my eyes weren’t really bothering me but it felt like the discomfort was somewhat near my eyes. I couldn’t figure out what was going except that it was only slightly bothersome and that I needed to get going on my day. I was headed to the last day of Fan Expo Vancouver where my primary goal was to sit in Karl Urban‘s Q&A session in the afternoon. So I sucked it up, took an Advil left for the convention centre.

I felt totally fine throughout the day thankfully. By the way, the Q&A session with Mr. Urban was fantastic. He was delightfully charming throughout, even though he was suffering from a cold. I give him much respect for being so energetic during the session even though he probably wasn’t feeling so great.

Near the end of the day, a general feeling of being unwell swept through my body though, which had me concerned that I might be in the early stages of a cold. I took refuge at a restaurant where I had dinner with a friend. The pleasant dinner must have been answer because I felt much better after eating.

I’m still feeling fine now but I’m concerned that I might wake up tomorrow feeling bad again. I’ve just recovered from my sinus infection so I don’t need a cold.

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