In a quest to eat healthier, I’ve decided to reduce my consumption of potato chips and cookies. I still like snacking though, so I sought out an alternative. I first tasted seaweed snacks when I was a kid. Some people I knew from Hong Kong gave me a small sheet of this dark green, impossibly thin wafer of seaweed. I did not like the taste. I’m an old man now and I’ve consumed so much seaweed in so many different forms since then that seaweed snacks are tasty to me. I like crisp texture and slight bit of salt on it gives it enough flavour.

The 7-11 by my workplace sells a 5g package for $0.99. I knew that was probably a rip-off so visited my local Donald’s Market. There, I was able to buy 24 of those 5g packages for $6.95. What an incredible markup 7-11 has on these things!

This evening alone I’ve eaten three packages, which isn’t hard to do since the combined 15g of seaweed doesn’t amount to much. Interestingly, a single package gives you your 100% recommended intake of iodine. I’ll try to stay the course for this healthy snacking going forward.

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