So the last few days I’ve been dealing with a mild sinus infection. It hasn’t been that bad, just a bit of congestion and some mucus.

Today was different though. I woke up this morning, was feeling pretty good but blew my nose anyways to clear out the old sinuses. There was some mucus so I kept blowing my nose. I cleaned that up but I kept blowing my nose and there seemed to be more mucus. Rinse and repeat several times and there I was amazed by the amount of stuff that kept coming out of my nose. I didn’t even feel particularly blocked up either. With my sinus passages seemingly clear I went to work.

My day at work was uneventful save for the end where I started noticing the pains associated with a sinus infection. It was the start of these sharp pains behind my right cheekbone. They got worse after I got back home as the pain spread to behind my right eyebrow. For anyone who’s had these sinus pains for the first time, it’s then you realize how extensive your sinuses extend throughout your face. Fortunately, this particular infection was not as bad as the one I had in 2005 that was so painful, I couldn’t sleep. Still, I took an Advil tonight and that seems to have chased the pain away.

I’m hoping these pains mean the sinuses are finally clearing, otherwise I think I may need to see a medical professional soon.

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