By my count, I’ve had six jobs since the end of 2010. For most people, that’s a lot of job in four years. As you can imagine, I’ve been through many a job interview in that time. Of course, in all those interviews, I’m the job applicant and not the interviewer. The last time I actually was on the other side of the table was probably in 2008 if my memory serves me right (which sometimes it doesn’t). Since then, I haven’t conducted a single interview. That will change tomorrow.

The project I’m on requires some extra help and since we can’t throw extra time on it, we need to hire more people. My team is also quite small and by that virtue there aren’t that many software engineers available to conduct interviews. I’ve been chosen by our technical director to sit in an interview tomorrow for a software engineer position. I used to know what to ask and get the most of out my questions but I’m a bit rusty at this now. I’ve reviewed the applicants resume but I still need to come up with a few questions that will help assess this person’s fit for the job.

As you can imagine, I’m thankful to be on this side of the table for once. It’s never easy applying for jobs.

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