No matter how many times I go to Las Vegas I will never get used to the change in the humidity. Living in Vancouver, the humidity is well over 80% across all the months of the year. As I write this, the humidity sits at a whooping 96%. When I arrived in Las Vegas last week, the humidity was less than 25%.

I didn’t notice the absence of moisture in the air right away. It was after my first night that I woke up and realized my skin had turned into a hide that had been out in the desert for weeks. It took only a day for the Nevada air to dry everything out. I had to moisture my entire body after every shower after that.

On one particular day, things got interesting when a freak rain shower happened upon the city. It rained for several hours, cooling off the temperatures and adding moisture to the air. I was outside at the time and I remarked how the air felt so much more comfortable to be in and to breathe in. It was one of the rare times where Las Vegas felt like home.

I wonder if people who live in the desert get the reverse feeling when they come to places like Vancouver. Do they noticed the increased humidity? If so, how do they feel about that? Do they want to dry out their skin to make it more like home? Personally, I’m thankful that this wonderful moist air does wonders for my skin and hair.

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