This evening I was trying to clean parts of my apartment when I got distracted. I get easily distracted when I clean because I’d rather do other things than clean. It will literally take me days to clean my apartment because I can’t focus long enough to get things done in a reasonable time frame.

Some of my friends employ a cleaning service to clean their places. One friend says his cleaner comes once a month and does a thorough job with his apartment and it only costs him $60. For the time and effort that I seem to waste in my clean up routine, $60 seems like a reasonable amount.

Of course, I’m slightly neurotic which means I know if I employed a cleaner, I’d feel like I would have to do a pre-clean before the real cleaning. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d be partially embarrassed at how cluttered some things would get. Does that defeat the purpose of getting a cleaner? Yes, slightly but at least I wouldn’t feel so bad for the cleaner.

I haven’t made a final decision about this yet but I sure would love to come home to a sparkling apartment once a month.

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