I’ve been talking about it for a while but I think I’m going to finally buy a larger slow-cooker. I made a chicken stew on the weekend and I couldn’t fit all my veggies into the cooker I have now. I don’t think I need a fancier one, just one that is bigger.

I was talking to a doctor friend of mine in the last few weeks and he told me about a study between people who ate a Mediterranean diet and people who ate a low-fat diet. I believe the study went on for at least ten years and the people who ate the Mediterranean diet were much healthier and suffered less health problems as those who just ate low-fat foods. I already eat a lot of fish but I’ll try to increase my vegetable, fruit, and olive oil consumption.

I’m getting my first paycheque from my current employer at the end of the week. The last time I was paid by anyone was three weeks ago.

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