I woke up more than an hour earlier than usual this morning to catch the end of the gold medal game in women’s curling. By the time I fired up my tablet in bed, Jennifer Jones and her team had their gold medals well within their grasp in the tenth end. Her perfect run throughout the Olympics was one for the ages.

I didn’t have time to linger in bed though as I had to get to work and perhaps more importantly today, I had to get to work before too much of the gold medal game in women’s hockey had gone by. I watched most of the first period while on transit, dealing with random dead zones in cell reception and cursing when the Skytrain went under concrete. I missed some of the game while walking to work from the station.

The rest of the game was one of the best games of hockey I’ve seen in my entire life. I was one of the very few people on my team watching the game on their computer. I guess my most of my co-workers either don’t like hockey or don’t like the Olympics. When the Canadian women struck in OT there was much elation from the street below us as there are many bars and restaurants in the area.

The scene resets tomorrow with the same nations playing again but this time it’s the men going to battle. I’m going to try to get to work before the game starts at 9am. It’s my last day at work and I hope it will be a great one. Time to get to bed early!

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