So I have a friend who is taking in a considerable amount of Olympic coverage from Sochi. He watches everything live because he wants to see the events as they happen halfway across the planet.

Some of the events, like hockey, start at midnight but at times, the games don’t start until 4:30am, local time. I don’t think he takes a nap in the evenings, so he’s watching the Olympics well into the morning. There’s a brief break around 7am when some of the hockey games end but then there are more games at 9am. I think he even watches curling in between hockey until the next game starts.

Now here’s the interesting thing. My friend has a full-time job he has to go to. I don’t know where he finds the time to sleep. I’m also not sure how he can get through the work day without falling asleep. I was chatting with him over IM this morning about 10:30am about the overnight results (which he watched live) and he casually mentioned he probably should get to work. I didn’t realize he was still at home.

I’m not sure how he gets away with all of this, both from a work and sleep perspective but he seemed to be fine. Both the Canadian men and women have some important hockey games this week and I’m sure he probably won’t get to work until after the games are finished. He’s the most dedicated Olympics viewer I know.

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