In years past, I’ve challenged myself to not turn on the heat at all during the winter months. This was done partly because I’m an idiot and because it does save money on my electricity bills. In previous years, it wasn’t too difficult to complete this challenge. First, it rarely got too cold in Vancouver, even in the height of winter. Second, warm air used to blow into my apartment from underneath my front door. All of these things changed this year. Vancouver has been hit with some major cold spells this winter, with temperatures falling well below freezing for days at a time. This is unusual for this city. I also sealed up the bottom of my front door during the summer. I did this to stop dust-filled air from blowing into my apartment twenty-four hours a day.

All of this has led to me to relent and turn the heat on in my bedroom in the evenings. It would be frightfully cold otherwise. While this means the challenge won’t be accomplished this year, I’d rather not have my ass frozen while I sleep at night.

2 thoughts on “COLD ADMISSION”

  1. I’m envious, my heating bill approaches $300 per month in the winter.

    On another note I am coming to Vancouver last week of March for Globe 2014. We have to meet up!

  2. Whoa! I get annoyed if my electric bill exceeds $20 a month.

    Yes, we definitely have to meet up!

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