In a previous post I mentioned that I finally relented this winter and decided to turn the heat on in the evenings due to some unusually cold weather here in Vancouver. On most nights, I made sure to turn the heat off when I went to bed but there were a few odd nights where I forgot and the heat was on while I slept.

I received my electric bill for the months of December and January this week. Normally, I pay anywhere between $45-$50 for two months of electricity. With the added load of heating my apartment, my bill was just over $70 for those two chilly months. It won’t break the bank but it’s interesting to see how much money went to just heating my small apartment. I know people who live in much colder climates pay significantly more in heating bills.

One thought on “BURNING DOLLARS”

  1. With the harsh winter in Southern Alberta this year, my last heating bill was over 200$ I could definitely better spend the 130$ difference in our heating bills.

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