So whatever illness I have is kicking my ass. After feeling better for about a day and a half, I regressed significantly. After feeling like crap last night, I somehow managed to wake up after only five hours of sleep. I woke up hungry and thirsty. After eating cereal out of the box and drinking some water, I laid in bed until I could fall asleep again.

When my alarm went off, I felt terrible. The aches that I felt on day one were back. I was also congested. Not wanting to blow too many sick days in the first month of the year, I dragged my ass to work. Was that a wise decision? Maybe not. Oh well.

People told me I looked green and that’s the way I felt. I managed to survive enough of the day to go home about two hours early. I came home, ate some food, and tried to nap. I’ve been feeling awful all evening. It’s almost like I caught a second illness while recovering from the first. I’ve also been eating a lot. My strategy is to give my body a lot of fuel to fight this thing. Just this evening, I’ve had a bowl of udon, tuna sashimi, a salad, and some dumplings.

I’m not sure if I’ll be well enough to go to work tomorrow.

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