So much of North America, at least in the most heavily populated areas of it, is currently bearing the brunt of freezing cold weather. A meteorological term has arisen, the “polar vortex”, which explains the chilly weather. Up until yesterday, I’d never even heard of that.

The weather closed the Toronto airport for several long hours, disrupting many travelers plans as people tried to get home from their holidays elsewhere. On social media sites, people are posting photos of rats freezing on the streets of NYC, toilet water freezing inside homes, and frost forming on inside light switches. It’s safe to say, that probably millions of people are feelings the effects of the cold.

I don’t want to seem like a dick but the weather has been very mild in Vancouver in comparison. Sure it’s been a bit rainy the last few days but the temperatures have been nearing double-digits. Some guy at work has been wearing shorts since last week.

For the rest of the continent, I feel your pain and do appreciate how lucky we have it here right now.

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