So when Target announced they were coming to Canada, it was big news to a lot of people. The stores finally opened and it seems like there was some disappointment. My mom thinks that Target isn’t better than Wal-Mart. Well, about two weeks ago I finally went to my first Target store. I bought a bathmat and two packages of frozen fruit (raspberries and blueberries).

The bathmat was nice but it wasn’t cheap either. I was most impressed with the frozen fruit. They were on sale for $3 each which is a steal. Frozen fruit is expensive normally and a package that size usually goes for $5 and up at any supermarket. I was more excited to get the fruit than my bathmat. I didn’t spend enough time at Target to get a full assessment of the store. The impression I got is that it probably is very much like other stores in many areas but perhaps better than others in a few select categories (like frozen fruit). Could Target be the ultimate source of men’s underwear?

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