So regarding my last post, today I was able to listen to the rest of the half hour video that this Albert guy made below. I was astounded at how easily the con man was able to convince him of almost anything. He would just say yes or no to whatever Albert asked him and Albert didn’t even press him for details. I can see why senior citizens fall for scams now.

I also previously stated that Albert was naive about the whole situation but now I’m thinking he let himself get into this predicament willingly. He runs a YouTube channel that contains videos that have been spreading false Skate 4 rumours for the last several months. In one of these amazingly stupid videos, he calls up what he says is the Electronic Arts product support line and then asks some low-level call center dude about any developments with a new game in the series. How dumb is that? No call center guy knows anything games in development. So this guy says yeah, he thinks another game is coming soon. Albert just believes him without any proof at all and hypes his video as proof another game is coming.

Other gamers have written that Albert is making videos like this on purpose to get more page views for his channel, which leads to potentially more revenue from YouTube. This is a distinct possibility because he has made several videos where he states absolutely false statements about what is happening at Electronic Arts. People call him out on his BS but if it’s about the page views, he won’t care.

He doesn’t do himself any favours by posting these patently absurd statements and I’m afraid now that money is involved, he’s going to learn a very harsh lesson.

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