After work this evening, I went to London Drugs and bought a new scale. This time, I made sure it was not made of glass. Sure the glass ones look a lot better but I wasn’t going to take any chances this time around. With a non-glass scale in hand, I arrived back home. I still had to do another pass with the vacuum in the bathroom. I did pretty good the first time around, as I think I only saw two or three missed pieces of glass on the floor. I then took the whole garbage bag full of glass, the glass covered bath mat, and the remains of the scale down to the garbage room and threw away that whole messy memory.

It was delayed by almost 24 hours and a whole bunch of manual labour but I finally got to weight myself. If the scale is correct, I’m currently at 158 lbs, which is pretty amazing given how much and what I ate over the holidays. For those keeping score, I’m about 3 lbs over my slimmest during the summer. I’m still going to try to keep it below 160 lbs going forward.

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