Last week I didn’t use my desktop at all since I couldn’t access the Internet with it. I previously wrote how something was busted on my motherboard. A modern computer is really quite useless without a network connection. I had to buy a network adapter card to stick into my computer. This necessitated going to Best Buy to get one. Because it was raining when I went, I chose to cut through Metrotown to get to BB. It was super crowded in the mall. I dislike the subhumans that seem to hang out at Metrotown at the best of times but with the holiday shopping in full swing, it irked me even more.

Once I got to BB, it was fine as that store wasn’t that crowded at all. I was able to pick up the card and get out of there in less than 15 minutes. These cards are getting rarer by the day, since almost all network functionality is now built into the motherboard. Since that part of my computer is now busted, it more resembles a computer from 2001. I’m hoping I won’t need to install a 200 Mb hard drive next.

The Internet returned for me just in time to see that Ron Burgundy indeed did make it to Winnipeg.

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