In my experience, video game studios start their holiday break the week that includes Christmas. I’m pretty sure all of EA had their last day of work of the year on Friday. For whatever reason, the studio I work at changed their policy for this year and made both Monday and Tuesday (Christmas Eve), regular work days so that the break doesn’t start until Christmas day. That’s a bit odd in my opinion. Anyways, many people just wound up taking vacation days for both Monday and Tuesday, so there won’t be many people around tomorrow.

Since I’m still kinda new, I don’t really have many vacation days so I didn’t want to blow them all on Christmas. I did have a “floater” day, which doesn’t carry over to the new year, so I used it up for my day off on Tuesday. I’ve never worked on Christmas Eve and I’m not about to change that now. All this means is that I have one more day of work on Monday and my holiday break starts. Now with very few people at work tomorrow I’m not saying I’m gonna come in late, take a super long lunch, and leave early, because that wouldn’t be right and I’m better than that. I will say that tomorrow will probably be a laid back day of work, albeit still productive, just to be clear for any of my managers who might be reading this.

For all those are already on their break, I am envious!

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