Last week I read about an outbreak of norovirus at a hospital in this province. I immediately thought of my two experiences with norovirus about a year ago. At least in my case, norovirus is way worse than food poisoning. It’s much more painful, as I had headaches and general pain throughout my body. That’s not even including the vomiting and diarrhea, though if there is a silver lining in some of this, I tend not to vomit that much.

I cannot stress enough how easily it is to get norovirus. Just touching an infected surface is enough to cause you world of hurt. Wash your hands frequently when you return home from being out and about. Try not to make contact with anything that is commonly touched by the public. I always try to grab door handles with my sleeve over my hand. I like to think I’m saved myself from all manner of colds, flu, and poop-related illnesses by following that one simple rule.

Stay safe out there!

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