I received my first batch of Christmas cards today. I’m always thankful for any cards that are mailed to me because as a single dude, my card only reaches one person, whereas they could have sent it to a family and had many people see that one card. I’m especially thankful because I’m a terrible friend and don’t send cards back.

Lots of people sent pictures of their whole family, including their kids. I like this because I can see how the little ones are growing. It also lets me know if there was a new addition to the family, which is very useful sometimes. This year, a couple I know, they showed up to this social thing I went to and they had a child I’d never seen before. I’m not talking a newborn baby or anything, it was little girl about to go into kindergarten. How did I miss that?

I also applaud those who spent mega bucks on their fancy cards. These people aren’t getting their stack of cards from the dollar store. One particular couple from Manitoba (you know who you are), sent me a card that I knew was deluxe even before I opened it. I could feel it was a 3D card through the envelope. When I took it out of the envelope, I saw it had all manner of elegant accoutrements on the front. This card must have cost at least $5. These people aren’t messing around.

Can’t wait for more in the mail!

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  1. What a coincidence! I’m from Manitoba as well; you’ll have to introduce me some time. Have a Merry Christmas Erwin.

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