So after waiting a month since the last time I stepped on my scale, I reluctantly weighed myself last night. During my last check, I was doing ok, just two pounds above my lowest weight during the summer. Now, more than two months since I started work, I was convinced that I had probably packed on a few more pounds. Was the mirror lying? How much had I really put on?

The only way to figure out was to step back on scale. I gingerly tiptoed on the glass surface and waited for the readout. To my surprise, it read 158 lbs. That’s just a pound more since the beginning of October and only three pounds off my skinniest in the summer. Since your weight can fluctuate within a pound or so at anytime, this was a really pleasing development. I’m keeping the weight off, even though my exercise levels have trailed off compared to the summer. This only reinforces that diet is the key to getting to a healthy weight. It’s a lot easier to not eat those french fries than it is to have to burn those fries off with exercise later.

Ok, let’s do this again sometime in December.

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