This month is November or as most people in the local video game industry call it, Movember. If you recall, I participated in Movember last year even though I knew the results were going to be disastrous, which they were.

As I am with a different studio this year, I expected them to do Movember as well. Every place I’ve worked at has done it and with the casual atmosphere of video game studios, Movember is pretty much almost expected. When the end of October rolled around, I was shocked to find out no one was sending out registration e-mails. My current studio is several times larger than PopCap Vancouver was, yet no one seemed to be into raising money for a good cause. It was a bit weird to be honest.

I briefly thought about organizing a team myself but as the new guy, it’s tough to get people onboard with this type of stuff when no one knows who you are. Maybe next year.

2 thoughts on “NO MO”

  1. personally, the whole Movember thing is getting over done. It is more of a 90 second media bite now. you see it on TV, A bunch of guys growing staches, and move on to next topic. I don’t know if the money fund raised is still as strong as it was.

  2. Any awareness or money raised for men’s health issues is a good thing. Though I only raised less than a dollar with my mustache last year, it’s important we focus on our prostate and testicle health.

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