This evening I returned home from a dinner with my parents at their place. I borrowed my father’s car so I could drive home. I get into my parkade and go up to the level where my parking spot is located. I’m about 20 feet or so from said spot when I see a van parked where I need to be. Someone was parked in my spot. I decide to pull into the spot to the right of the van because I haven’t seen anyone parked there for about three years. I get out and take a look at the van. It doesn’t have a parking pass so I guessed it was some visitor who got access to the parkade from a resident.

On my way up, I saw a security guard patrolling one of the lower levels. I run down to see if he’s still there but I can’t find him. I decide to go back up to my apartment so I can call security and figure out what to do next. As I’m walking out to the elevators in the parkade, I see this older couple get out of an elevator. They seem to be a bit flustered. I’ve never seen them before. Instead of going upstairs, I stay near the elevators to see if these are the parking violators. Sure enough, they walk up to the van. I walk back up to them and tell them they’ve parked in my spot.

The lady is very apologetic. She says they are here visiting their daughter and they just figured out they were parked in the wrong spot. At the time, I forgot to tell them that they need a parking pass for the van and the pass has the spot number printed on it. I watch them pull the van out and then park in a spot just a few feet away. I get into my father’s car and put it back where it’s supposed to be.

I guess if I had been just five minutes later, I wouldn’t have even known anything was wrong. If I was way earlier, they wouldn’t have been able to park in my spot at all. Since I don’t have a car with my all the time, I wonder how many times someone has used my spot without me knowing.

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