So in my previous post, I wrote about being tempted by the new Nexus 5 smartphone that just came out. At the time of writing it didn’t really matter how tempted I was because the phone was sold out at the Google Play store. Over the weekend though, the phone miraculously was somewhat in stock again. Orders placed now would be shipped in four to five weeks.

During a moment of weakness, I added the cheapest version of the phone to my virtual cart. It didn’t help that Google already has my credit card info stored on their servers because it saved me from that step of needing to enter in all my data. The next thing I knew, the damn order was confirmed. If there was a silver lining to this, it’s that I won’t be charged until the order ships and I can cancel the order until then. There is a possibility I will actually cancel the order. Unfortunately, I just checked my order status again and it might ship in as little as three weeks now! If I’m going to develop enough regret to cancel the order, I better do it quickly!

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