So on the way home this evening I exited the Skytrain without my umbrella. I hate forgetting my umbrella on transit. It’s been several years since the last time I’ve done this but it doesn’t get any easier each time it happens.

Leaving your umbrella on transit is essentially just throwing your money away. My last few umbrellas have cost about $30 or more. I usually buy the small and compact ones, that also have a button that both opens and closes the umbrella. I had the umbrella today because it was raining quite hard. Thankfully, the weather is going to be somewhat clear for the next few days. Even if it wasn’t, I still have my backup umbrella. It’s a cheap one that I keep around just in case I do something stupid like I did today.

I will check the transit lost and found tomorrow, just because it’s on the way to work. I won’t be surprised, however, if there is an umbrella shopping trip in my near future.

2 thoughts on “BAH, NOT AGAIN”

  1. how about using a carabiner and attaching your umbrella to your belt loop or onto your laptop satchel? Is that even practical if the umbrella is wet?

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