When you live in an apartment, you have to expect some aspects of communal living. One of these aspects is the need for service people to come check out various parts of your apartment. Every year, the smoke detector guy and dryer vent guy need access to my place to do their thing. For every year that I’ve been living in my home, I was at home to let these guys in. I’ve been lucky because they always do this stuff during the weekday and the jobs I’ve had in the past have allowed me to stay at home until the service call is over. I usually work remotely from home or in some cases, my manager didn’t even care and would let me just sit at home and go to work afterwards.

Tomorrow the dryer vent guy is doing his yearly service call and I won’t be there to let him in. I just started my new job a month ago, so I don’t have the privilege to work remotely just yet. At some places, you need to earn that first. I also didn’t feel like taking a vacation day to wait for some dude to come around. I guess I could have asked one of my parents to come over but man, that sucks. Who really wants to do that? The only option that made sense for me was to leave my spare key with the property manager who’d let the dude in.

I have no problem with this arrangement except that I realized on the weekend my kitchen and living room were a bit of a mess. Not wanting people to think I was a slob, I cleaned it up slightly to an acceptable level. I’m cheating in a few places because I’m gonna dump some stuff in my bedroom and then close the door. After I get home, that mess will then get transferred back out to where it was originally.

The one cool thing is that I’ll be able to watch the dryer vent guy in my apartment because of new security cam!

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