So I received a notice in the mail today which informed me that I was selected for jury duty. I agree that acting as a juror is part of everyone’s civic duty, just like voting. Had this summons come in during the “summer of me”, I gladly would have done it. Unfortunately, I’m working now and the trial that I might be selected for will last ten business days. Legally, my workplace does not have to pay me for those ten days. That’s two weeks of pay lost. As you might imagine, that’s a significant amount of money to anyone.

If the circumstances were different, I would not hesitate to serve on a jury. Unfortunately, serving that long does have a financial impact on me. I’m not sure what I’ll do at this point but I am considering asking to be excused from duty. If I had a lot of money, like Tom Hanks does, this would be less of a problem.

This is sorta like the opposite of winning the lottery.

2 thoughts on “JURY DUTY”

  1. Abi got out of it somehow in the past. Had to write them a letter or something. You could also show up at the first session and start mumbling about this guy finally getting his due and can’t wait to visit him behind bars.

  2. You can now send that letter using a web site now, so that’s what I’ve done. Let’s see what happens!

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