For the last week or so, the great Vancouver area has been covered in a thick fog. On most mornings, I’ll wake up look outside my windows and see nothing but white fog. The apartments just across the street seem to be gone as they are cloaked by this soupy mess. It’s particularly foggy where I live since I’m in a low-lying area, right next to the water.

The weather actually has been “sunny” for all of these days but it’s impossible to tell since the fog sits on top of the city, hiding the sun from us. If you were able to get higher, it’d be a very nice day.

To document this, I got my old video camera out for another time-lapse. I started it before I went to bed when I could see nothing but white outside my windows. The fog lifted sometime in the afternoon, partially burned away by the sun, making it a sunny end to the day. You’ll be happy to know I cleaned the lens of my camera after this video.

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