This morning, as I was about to enter my place of employment, I saw professional goaltender, Roberto Luongo from less than 50m away. He was easy to spot, with his trademark hair slicked back and his tall frame peaking above the assorted umbrellas in the street. He wore a grey suit and a white dress shirt and even from a distance he looked like a million bucks which is not surprising since he’s a millionaire several times over.

As he was crossing the street, I couldn’t tell where he was coming from. In that general area, there’s a restaurant and a hair salon. He was carrying a coffee in his hand, so perhaps he stopped off for some java? Once he crossed the street, he got into a newer model Mercedes SUV. I am guessing he was probably on his way to practice. It’s also possible that he was on his way to the airport since the Canucks are opening their season in San Jose.

I didn’t linger to watch him drive off as I wanted started on work.

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