There’s a clothing alterations shop right downstairs from where I live. For all you loyal readers, that shop is where I saw that half-naked girl earlier this summer. For a year now, this is the place where I’ve gone to get my pants hemmed. When I was working, I’d either go in on Saturdays or the two days a week that they were open past 6pm. Of course, when I had this summer off, I had lots of time to go get my pants hemmed.

I recently bought a pair of pants about two weeks ago. I was expecting to get it hemmed at this place. As this store is located right by where I enter my apartment building, I see the storefront a lot. Last week I noticed a change in their posted hours. They are no longer open on Saturdays, so they are now closed all weekend. They are no longer open late on any days and in fact, are closed at 5:30pm on weekdays. They don’t open until 10:30am everyday. Those hours don’t fit with my schedule at all. I’m gone for work well before 10:30am and getting back from work before 5:30pm is an impossibility. So effectively, this store doesn’t even exist for me. Everyday when I leave my building, the store is locked up and dark, and when I return it is the same way.

I’m not sure why they reduced their hours but I can’t see this as a good sign for business. For most working people, those hours just don’t fit their daily schedule. Does a store even exist when you never see it open?

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