While I am generally very pleased about where I live, the one very minor lament that I’ve had is that there seemed to be no businesses in the general vicinity that were open beyond midnight. I’m glad that the Safeway and the Shoppers is open until midnight, which is pretty good actually, but the nearest convenience store that is open 24 hours is several kilometers away. It would be awesome if there was a 7-11 nearby. During the “summer of me”, I was awake at all hours of the wee morning, sometimes wanting a snack or sorts but thinking there was nowhere close by to go.

Well, yesterday I was walking by the Tim Hortons below my apartment and I heard someone say it was open 24 hours. I thought they were wrong because I just assumed they closed at 11pm or something. Then I realized I’d never walked by that Tim Hortons anytime after 10pm. Maybe that person was right? So I walked in to the store and I asked an employee. They are open 24 hours a day and had been since day one apparently.

All summer here was this place that was open every hour of day, ready to serve me doughnuts, coffee, sandwiches, and sugary drinks, whenever I wanted, just an elevator ride away. Perhaps it was a good thing I didn’t know this during those four months.

It pleases me to know I can conveniently get a coffee and a Danish at 4am if I wanted to.

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