I’ve been at my new job exactly two weeks today. As you know, I’ve been really concerned about getting fat again now that I’m back to work. I haven’t weighed myself since I started work, partly because I was apprehensive about what the scale was going to show. Well, this evening I sucked it up and stepped on the scale. I was pleased to see the digital needed edged just over 156 pounds which was what I was around during my most active period of the summer. Granted, it has only been two weeks and I should wait a whole month before I feel some real satisfaction. I do believe I’m headed in the right direction though with my diet at work. In these two weeks, I’ve avoided any greasy breakfast items like an Egg McMuffin (even though a McDonald’s is along the way to work). For lunch, I’ve been careful to steer clear of major carbs. I did falter once when I got some fried rice for lunch one day at Noodle Box. It was definitely a moment of weakness but fried rice and stir fry noodles are so good though. For the most part though, I’ve been trying to keep my lunches low-fat and low-carb. I also don’t snack during the day as much as I used to at my last job. It definitely helps that there’s not that much free food in the studio. No more potato chip snack breaks at 4pm anymore.

I’m also trying my hardest to keep active. For this month, I’ve walked as much as I did in the whole month of June, when my weight really started coming off. If by November I’m still going good I’ll be really happy. Steady as she goes.

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