So I’m not sure if you’re aware but this blog participates in the Google AdSense program which allows me to put ads on my archived blog posts. You never see ads on the main page because I don’t want to clutter it. Anyways, I believe I signed up for the program in 2008. More than five years later, I have finally built up enough ad revenue to trigger Google’s payment verification process. That’s the work they require you to do to prove to them you’re not some shady organization. This mainly involves verifying an address phone number, and bank information. If you’re curious, the payment threshold amount is about $10. Yes, that’s right, it took me more than half a decade to monetize barely $10 from my web site. I don’t even know why I would even need a full-time job!

The sad part is that Google refuses to pay out any revenue to web site owners until the amount reaches $100. So at this rate, I’d have to wait another 45 years before I’d see my first cheque from Google. Forty-five more years of crappy blog posts. Man, that’s a lot of bad writing for $100.

2 thoughts on “MILLIONAIRE BY YEAR 3000”

  1. I enjoy your writings. Thanks for sticking with it. In a sense, you can consider yourself the proverbial hungry artist. But I know you will never be hungry, your fast food forages are epic!

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