So before my trip to Las Vegas, I jokingly thought to myself it would be pretty cool to lose weight while away. I believed this to be an amusingly goal since I wasn’t planning on doing much exercise at all during my vacation. I knew I’d probably be eating a lot of good meals and possibly indulging in some rich foods. I suppose one could strive to lose weight while in Las Vegas but I’m not sure how fun of a trip that would be.

It didn’t take long for me to get into the food. On my first night, I had dinner at the buffet at the Wynn Hotel. I ate many different things and was not shy about going for dessert. By the way, the dessert selections at the Wynn buffet is the best I’ve seen. The bread pudding is incredible.

Over the entire course of my trip, I had some fantastic meals. Some of them left me feeling full, forcing me to order a nice cup of tea to help digest before leaving the restaurant. On my last day, I even ate a burger that had three beef patties in it. I followed that lunch with a dinner of Chicken McNuggets.

When I returned, I was ready to face the consequences of my vacation. Most of you, my loyal readers, know that I’ve lost a bit of weight since the start of the summer. I’ve been happy with the weight loss and was prepared to get back on track after my indiscretions in Nevada. I got on my digital scale on Friday afternoon to see what the damage was. To my surprise, I actually weighed less than before my trip.

Before leaving, I was trying to get below the 160 lb mark which seemed like an obstacle for some reason. I’ve been tittering around this weight for weeks, without ever going below it. Now, the scale showed me just a hair above 159 lbs. I had done it, I lost weight while Las Vegas.

I attribute this result to three possible things. First, I never ate breakfast while I was there. I woke up fairly late every day and my first meal of the day was always “lunch”. I technically skipped a meal. Second, I tried really hard to have a healthy lunch every day. If memory serves me right, I had a reasonable salad for lunch every day except the last day. I made sure my salads had no fatty dressings and had no extras like bacon. Third, I’m guessing I sweated a lot of the weight off. It was extremely hot in Las Vegas during my trip and since it was a very dry heat, I couldn’t tell sometimes how much I was sweating. It’s very possible I lost mostly water weight. I’ll have to check my weight again in the next few days to see where I’m at.

Is it possible to lose some pounds while vacationing in Las Vegas? It sure is! And you don’t even have to sacrifice all your fun to do so.

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