I arrived back in Vancouver just before 1am this early morning. I have many stories to tell but the one thing I have to mention right now is the weather. This was the first time I went to Las Vegas in the summer. As expected, it was extremely hot, with temperatures soaring to above 40 degrees Celsius outdoors. This was also my first time experiencing high temperatures with a very low humidity. I’ve felt hot and humid summer weather in places like Florida and New York, and it’s almost cliché to say but I definitely prefer the dry heat. In places like New York, you’re just dripping with your sweat in the summer time. The perspiration can’t evaporate quickly enough because the air is already so laden with moisture. So everyone walks around with this gross sticky sheen. Not so in the desert. Even though it was arguably hotter in Las Vegas than any of my New York experiences, the fact that the humidity was so low in comparison made it so much more tolerable.

I’ve been back about two hours now and I still can’t get over how humid Vancouver feels. As a point of reference, the humidity in Las Vegas right now is 15% whereas it is 84% in Vancouver. Upon returning to my apartment, it felt like I was in a sauna. It took just four days but I quickly got used to the dry desert air. Though it’s feeling a bit better now, I did wonder earlier how I’d be able to fall asleep with this muggy feeling.

I am sure it will just take a few days before it will feel normal again.

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