I decided to go for a walk this afternoon to take advantage of the nice weather. I went uptown which is a place I don’t go too often, mostly because it’s uphill. I had a spot of lunch and then took a look at a few condo projects that are being built.

On my way back, I got thirsty so I stopped off a 7-11 for a bottle of water. For whatever reason, I decided to stand outside in front of the store while I drank some of the water. I sorta felt like Jay and Silent Bob. While I was rehydrating, some dude, who might have been homeless walked up and sat down next to me. He said hi to me and I didn’t want to be rude so I said hi back. He asked me how my day was and I said it was alright. I asked him the same question and he said was trying to find his supper and that hopefully the Lord Jesus Christ would allow that to happen. He began to talk to everyone that passed within ear shot of the store entrance, lacing his words with religious connotations. After a while, he lightly touched my leg and asked me about Jesus. I took that as my cue to leave. I bid him a good day and he returned the favour.

I walked home without further incident.

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