I had lunch with another unemployed friend today. When you don’t have a job, lunches can take a lot longer than your standard hour so we ate at our leisure. We’ve both known we’d be unemployed in advance so we have previously discussed the world of having no job. One of the things we focused on was taking the time to do things in a day without having to cram other things into that same day. For example, weekends can be quite busy for people as they try to do everything they need to do before their weekend is over and they have no more time for themselves. With no job in the way, such restrictions are lifted.

My friend and I have joked that even the simplest things can now take up the whole day. Why try to do two things in a day when you can just do the second thing the next day? Mailing a letter? That’s a day right there! Going to Home Depot? That’s a day right there! Doing a load of laundry? That’s a day right there!

Tomorrow is election day here in British Columbia, so you can probably guess my goal for all of tomorrow. If I do anything else tomorrow that will just be a bonus.

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