I’ve written about this topic before in a post but I thought I’d mention it again. A web site has dedicated itself in listing various local scanner feeds from different emergency services such as fire and ambulance.

Recently, I’ve been turning on the Skytrain scanner feed and leaving it on in the background as I do other stuff on the computer. Just today I heard some interesting happenings on our local rapid transit line. First, just downstairs from where I live, there was a transit user who approached a Skytrain attendant to report that because of a latex allergy, he could feel his tongue swelling up. The attendant then called for medical assistance. Minutes later, he reported the passenger was feeling his throat begin to close up. I actually saw the fire and rescue come down the street from my window but never heard what happened to the guy.

Then in downtown Vancouver, an attendant reported a belligerent male had boarded a train who appeared to be drinking Listerine from a bottle. I’m not sure if the transit police were able to catch up to him.

Minutes later in Surrey (this stuff always happens in Surrey), an attendant reported that a man appeared to have an axe concealed in his coat. His info was passed along to transit police so they could investigate. When an officer arrived at the station to look for him, someone at Skytrain control asked the officer if he was able to see the axe-hider. He responded that it was difficult to ascertain because everyone at the station looked “sketchy”. That’s Surrey for ya.

Then later in the evening, someone reported a female riding in a train wearing just panties on the lower half of her body. Apparently, she had some leopard-print top on and just panties below. I believe transit police were trying to intercept her at a particular station. The attendant said that it would be easy to find the train she was in as most of the other passengers were in a state of shock.

Sometimes the best entertainment is just real life.

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