Recently, I’ve been buying ready-to-eat meatloaf from the Safeway downstairs. Up until now, I’ve consumed very little of the food. My parents never really made meatloaf when I was a kid and you don’t see it very often on a menu at a restaurant. The few times I’ve had it, perhaps twice, has been at a more “homestyle” type restaurant.

I can’t say I’m an expert at knowing meatloaf quality but I enjoy it. I know it’s not supposed to be a fancy dish, which explains why it’s almost half the price of the pot roast at Safeway. Still, there’s a comforting feel to it. I suspect the Safeway meatloaf isn’t the worst but there is probably better to be had out there. I sprinkle some hot sauce on a couple of slices and that’s a decent meal right there. Perhaps I might try making my own meatloaf. It doesn’t seem that complicated. Making meatloaf from scratch, that seems like a whole day right there!

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