A weakness of mine is that when I have nothing to do, I tend to buy things. So far I haven’t gone overboard on the shopping. I did buy a shirt at Banana Republic on the weekend but it was 40% off so you can’t fault me on that. Other than that, I haven’t bought any electronics, video games, movies, or any superfluous items since being laid off. Now you might be thinking that not having a job is a condition that makes it quite easy to not spend money. That is true, but keep in mind I’ll be receiving a severance package and I wasn’t exactly living paycheque to paycheque before either. I’m not saying I’m rich or anything but I’ll be ok for a while (without having to resort to eating instant noodles all day).

So what do I think is ok to splurge on? Well, one is video games. It’s been a life-long vice for me and it’s something I enjoy doing. With all this free time, it’d be almost a crime not to play. I won’t be buying five games a week or anything but it’s certainly the time to catch up on my list of games. Second, I won’t mind buying books. Books are good things. Whether it’s non-fiction or not, I think reading new books is a constructive way to spend my time off. There is a Stephen King novel that I bought almost a year ago that I still haven’t even opened yet.

I’m strong now but I wonder if a month from now I’ll be ordering stuff off the Internet on an hourly basis. Slap chop anyone?

3 thoughts on “IDLE WALLET”

  1. If the Calgary Expo wasn’t sold out I totally would have gone. Seems like it was such a great show!

  2. You can consider being a volunteer for next year’s show. Having an all access pass is way more fun than just being an attendee!

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